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Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.

Robert McKee


“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.”

Robert McKee

A good story will be shared. What I offer is the commercial cut-through, the economy of words to resonate in precisely the way my client needs. I find the stories in the data and produce ideas and narratives that codify and share complex information.

I work on every kind of subject – from data analytics-based innovation to NHS neonatal care – for businesses, consultancies, charities and academics. I draw on a broad writing skillset – two critically acclaimed novels, screenplays, TV comedy, as well as articles and short stories for Esquire magazine, The Guardian, The Independent, The Observer and Radio 4. And with two decades as a film director in advertising before that, I bring a rare and effective visual perspective to my writing.

We all know that storytelling offers businesses the chance to make an emotional connection with customers, investors and colleagues. But not any old narrative will do. Stories that have impact are the ones that get shared.

. . .

My business narratives are about…

Attention-grabbing originality. Trust in the narrator (your brand or organisation).
Relatability. Honesty – at least one wart, maybe all of them. Focus and simplicity.
Questions as well as answers. Gravitas. Meaning. Transformation, or the possibility of it.

So, dump the data and tell the story.