As a producer, you need my script to solve all your problems, not create new ones.

. . .

Once upon a time there was a boy and all he wanted was to read stories and have stories read to him. He knew from the start he wanted to grow up to be a writer.

That boy was SO not me.
Noooo chance.
Not by a long way.

But one day, working as a commercials director, I did realise that shooting images was not enough and that I wanted to get involved in telling the whole story, from conception. Ideas, people, narratives and values became the starting point for my work.

The art of directing commercials has always been the synergy of ideas and pictures and for me, an ability to think visually has proved to be an advantage on the page. As a writer or writer-director, I offer this combination of creative experience and a true understanding of production.

I deliver scripts full of creative impact that can be made on budget and on schedule, scripts that achieve every line of the client brief whilst delivering brilliant narrative structure and the blueprint for a great film.

The film I directed for Blind Veterans UK has won Charity Film of the Year (£20-50m) 2020. For showreels and further information about what I offer as a writer and writer-director of corporate and charity films, please get in touch by phone or email.